This episode is a really special one, because of the host – Diane Hajzer, who carried the podcast in english for the first time in history of! In this riveting episode, we sit down with Kris Ulburghs, the Vice President Sales and Strategy of Merino Consulting, to delve deep into the world of ERP implementation, both in Poland and internationally.

Kris takes us on a journey from the humble beginnings of Merino Consulting to its current standing in the industry. We discuss their strategic choice of the 'Infor CloudSuite’ system and the challenges that come with implementing Infor’s solutions.

The Polish market, known for its demanding nature, brings its own set of unique challenges. How does Merino navigate the complexities of ERP system implementation in such an environment? And are Polish clients particularly demanding?

We also touch upon the latest trends in business process automation observed across Europe. With the global trend leaning towards the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we explore Infor’s endeavors in incorporating AI into their products. How do Merino’s clients perceive this shift towards AI? Are they excited, skeptical, or curious?

Lastly, Kris shares a memorable story of the most challenging implementation he recalls, shedding light on the intricacies and hurdles faced during the process.

Tune in for an insightful conversation that offers a blend of technical expertise, market insights, and real-life anecdotes from the world of ERP implementation!